How to extract value from technology

It’s not enough to embrace technology – we need to drive optimum value Every insurance carrier knows that its future success lies in innovating and adapting its business to compete in the digital age. A large element of that success, then, is linked to savvy investment in technology. Accenture research illustrates that, while 47 percent of companies are building their future growth […]

How insurers can boost their readiness for cloud adoption

A recent Accenture study indicates insurers recognize the many benefits of cloud adoption and, as I explained in my previous blog post, are ready to get started on their transformation. While that’s good news, readiness is only one part of the equation. Successfully migrating to the cloud and reaping the benefits require both thoughtful planning […]

The evolution of insurtech, with Caribou Honig

Caribou Honig is the co-founder and chairman of InsureTech Connect. In this interview, he looks at the state of the industry, how a harebrained scheme became the go-to insurtech conference—and why it’s time for start-ups to prove themselves. Highlights The first wave of insurtech start-ups are at a point of proving that their products actually […]

Reimagining property underwriting

Many insurance carriers are rethinking their property underwriting solutions—with good reason. Most current systems were created before the digital age, and it sure shows. They often require laborious and repetitious manual data entry and don’t easily share location information across the enterprise or resolve conflicts in location data. This lack of precision in underwriting data […]

Key steps for optimizing your cloud transformation

We know from Accenture’s Cloud Readiness Study that insurers recognize the many benefits of cloud adoption and are ready to get started on their transformation. As I explained in my previous post, there are four key focus areas that can help you expand and accelerate your cloud transformation, putting you in the best position to […]

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