The art of the pivot, with Scott Walchek (podcast)

Scott Walchek founded and successfully exited four tech start-ups—and now he’s turned his sights to insurtech. In this podcast episode, he shares how and why Trov has made several micro-pivots since its launch in 2012—and what he’s learned about insurtech in that time. Highlights Scott Walchek is a serial entrepreneur who’s successfully exited four technology […]

Creating a best-in-class onboarding experience

One of the best ways to grow your small commercial business is to increase retention. Increasing retention starts with what carriers do right after the sale. To see why, think about a recent purchase you made that you feel good about. For instance, my family recently bought a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector for […]

Are you ready to adopt the cloud?

The insurance industry is not known for being a technology pioneer. Many insurers have been hesitant to embrace new technologies, and that applies to cloud as well as others. However, much as they did with previous new technologies, it’s clear insurers see the writing on the wall. The majority realize they must adopt cloud technology […]

Living businesses are outperforming their peers.

High performers in insurance are developing the capabilities to remain relevant to customers and keep up with their needs in an ever-evolving digital landscape. In the first post of this series, we reviewed the importance for insurers of creating sustainable growth, and touched on the five capability sets they need to develop in order to […]

It’s time for small commercial insurers to stop failing customers

The time for mincing words and for half-measures is past. The evidence is in—if we’re honest, it’s been in for years—and it could not be clearer: small commercial insurance is failing its customers. A new wave of evidence is making an extremely convincing case that the industry’s failings persist—and may even be getting worse. Let’s […]

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