Being value relevant for individuals and the world

In this blog series, I’m using the Fjord Trends 2019 to spark ideas about how life, pensions and investments (LP&I) providers can stand out from the crowd. The priority? Creating relevant products and services that deliver value to consumers (both advisers and end-clients). Crucially, at a time when consumers are scrutinising the behaviour of all […]

The road to a well-designed, modern offering

As I wrote in my previous post, financial wellbeing is deeply intertwined with business productivity, with employees who are stressed about finances being less productive than those who are not. Employers have recognized this and eight out of 10 now offer financial wellbeing programs, up from just two out of 10 in 2015. Unfortunately, uptake […]

Approaching AI the responsible way

As part of their strategy for intelligent technology adoption, insurers must address the unique ethical concerns surrounding AI. AI is the single biggest evolution of technology the world has ever seen. It opens the doors for carriers to elevate their organizations and employees and create a brand-new experience for customers who are wary of the industry. Within the strategy insurers […]

Building a digital customer sales experience

What was the last big or meaningful purchase that you made? Think through the experience. How did the company help you make the decision? Did it offer tools? Did it reach out to help you? Did it make you feel empowered and confident as you went through the buying experience? Did it help you feel […]

The benefits of sustainable growth for insurers

Insurers can no longer depend on customer loyalty to support growth—it’s now about staying relevant and developing the capabilities to keep up with customer needs. Sustainability is the buzzword of the 21st century, and insurance companies are quickly realizing it isn’t only about becoming more environmentally-friendly for our planet—sustainability also extends to the growth of […]

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