Digital Factories fast-track AI

Digital Factories can help insurers quickly roll out AI solutions across their businesses. To maximize the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), insurers need to roll out these powerful technologies quickly, on a large scale, throughout their organizations. The faster people have access to these technologies, the sooner they’ll be able to work smarter and quicker. […]

Why American health insurtechs are attracting so much investment

Finding the source of a cost leakage requires a forensic approach. Despite growing geographic and value-chain diversity, insurtech investment is still dominated by startups targeting the American health insurance sector. Why? The world of insurtechs is a burgeoning and exciting place right now. Insurance startups are experimenting with cutting-edge digital tools to improve the customer […]

Position your business for tremendous growth

Right about now, many small commercial carriers are starting to put together their plans for next year. They might be tempted to phone it in a little—it is summer, after all, and the beach is calling many of us. But putting together a great plan can position your business for tremendous growth next year—and it […]

The bright future of the living insurance business

Those insurers that adapt and become a living business will reap huge benefits Exciting opportunities await insurers that hone their focus on their customers. Our research, and our own experience across the UK insurance industry, have confirmed that the most important strategic shift an insurer could make in today’s market is to become a ‘living […]

3 Ecosystem Essentials Transforming Life Insurance

Insurance CIOs look to these 3 essentials to drive their ecosystem strategy and accelerate innovation. Insurance ecosystems have the potential to accelerate innovation and boost business for life and annuity providers. According to Accenture research, 81 percent of executives agree that the right ecosystem will allow their company to grow in ways that are not […]

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