The artificial intelligence (AI) secret sauce

The key ingredients for a strategy to amplify your company’s value on your AI journey. On our AI journey so far, we’ve looked at what artificial intelligence is today , as well as how to gauge an insurance company’s AI readiness (did you take the quiz?).  Armed with that knowledge as a baseline, it’s now time to put together an AI strategy—your secret sauce—that can boost your enterprise’s value.  The base ingredients of the AI secret sauce  I’m here to […]

Seeing insurance opportunities, with Coverager

Avi and Shefi Ben-Hutta are the siblings behind Coverager. In this podcast episode, they explain how their three pillars—news, knowledge and network—have helped them become the insurance industry’s go-to source for intel and analysis. Highlights Coverager started as a newsletter and has expanded to include industry research and a data platform, as well as in-person […]

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