Thankful for insurance?

As we gather with friends and family around bountiful tables, it is time to pause to be thankful. But one comment that will likely not be heard that day is that anyone is thankful for their insurance.   That’s a bit of a shame, in my opinion. The industry is imperfect, sure, but it also helps people manage risk, gets them through […]

Tackle technology debt

Addressing legacy technology debt allows insurers to thrive Armed with an innovation mindset and a focus on the future, insurance carriers are preparing to take on the post-digital age—a time when technology is becoming ubiquitous. A considerable aspect of this realignment lies in the investment in new technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation present exciting new opportunities for efficiency, deeper intelligence and […]

Five elements of modern insurance, with Coverager

Avi and Shefi Ben-Hutta are the siblings behind Coverager, the insurance industry’s essential source for intel and analysis. In this podcast episode, they explain the five elements of modern insurance and why insurers should revisit their assumptions about millennials. Highlights According to Coverager, modern insurance has five distinct elements: convenience, fairness, utility, flexibility and social […]

Rolling out your strategy

How to apply and scale what you’ve learned on your ‘living business’ journey Insurers will only thrive in the future market if they pivot their business to be focused on their customers. In this series, we have explored how carriers can serve the needs of UK insurance customers in an effective and intentional way. Once […]

The quest for value and relevance within LP&I

After two decades of breakneck technology growth and innovation, it’s never been more important (or more challenging) to stand out from the crowd. Physical and digital clutter is all around us. And ceaseless demands on our time and attention are coming from every angle. The watchwords for today’s world? Value and relevance. Without delivering the […]

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